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Allie Richardson

Owner/Client Care Manager

Allie has over 11 years of client care experience. She has handled thousands of calls and booked appointments and has no plans to look back. She loves what she does and works day in and day out to make sure every single customer and home inspection business is taken care of. She will love your company like it’s her very own to make sure your business strives with success!

Billy Boerner

Owner/Marketing Specialist

With 20 years of active military service and 13 years as a home and commercial building inspector, you can be rest assured, Billy has unique skills when it comes to handling client inquires, upselling, and handling client issues. With thousands of home and building inspections completed, Billy has a very distinct ability when it comes to talking to people in person, online and over the phone. He loves helping people, loves educating people and is very focused at helping you achieve all your goals as you focus on your business for years to come. 

Rikki Ferguson

Client Care Team Lead

Meet our morning team lead, Rikki. When she’s not taking calls, she’s busy answering emails, following up on leads and quotes. She’s been with BookItPro’s for over a year now and has always been determined to take care of every customer and inspector. She’s extremely knowledgeable when it come’s to the home inspector industry and pays attention to every single detail about the companies she takes care of.

Lucas Mund

Client Care Team Lead

Meet our afternoon team lead, Lucas. Lucas is a jack of all trades and is no stranger to working with homes. He is quick to learn and is always looking to know more making him great at picking up new companies and learning the ins and outs of them. With a strong desire to do his absolute best, he makes sure that everything looks great and is done right.

Michele Harris

Client Care Team Lead

Michele has been one of our Team Leads for about a year now. She is extremely well knowledgeable about the services that Home Inspectors provide. She has wonderful phone skills and is always professional and friendly with everyone she talks to. She is very meticulous about gathering information and communicating all information with the clients. She has 16 years of experience in Customer Service.

Belena Spencer

Client Care Specialist

Belena has been with us for a few months now and been nothing but a wonderful addition to our company. She contains 20 plus years of client care experience and has gone above and beyond for everyone and even has people who call back just to simply have a conversation with her.