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Meet the Founders


Allie Richardson

Client Care Office Manager

Allie has over 7 years of client care experience. She has handled thousands of calls and booked appointments and has no plans to look back. She loves what she does. She loves helping people.  Allie is our client care leadership and she and the rest of the client care team stationed in all times zones across the United States ensures the experience your potential client receives is nothing short of a 5 star review.


Billy Boerner

Owner Care and Marketing

With 20 years of active military service and 13 years as a home and commercial building inspector you can be rest assured Billy has unique skills when it comes to handling client inquires, upselling, and handling client issues. With thousands of home and building inspections completed Billy has a very distinct ability when it comes to talking to people in person, online and over the phone. He loves helping people, loves educating people and is very focused at helping you achieve all your goals as you focus on your business for years to come. 


Brian Wilson

Finance and Marketing

Brian is our contractor expert. Brian has been building structures, installing plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, floors, windows, doors and roofs for over 20 years now. Because of this Brian is much like Billy and has handled thousands of client care inquires and has a the same traits as Billy when it comes to talking to people regardless the media outlet. Brian and Billy are our in house account manger experts and will take all the time you need to learn about your business and set a plan in place to maximize your time and your bottom line. 

No I In Team

Teamwork is the ability to work together

toward a common vision